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Ah, Spring

A new semester and a new folks.  Check out their work on the BlogRoll.

50. Vanilla Chiffon Roll


I enjoyed making the cake part, but I didn’t make the mousse to go in it. The cake was very simple to make and pretty when it was finished. -Barnie

49. Country Bread

Wow! What a big hunk of bread! The sponge was easy to make. Left it to work overnight. The next day I had the house to myself, so enjoyed the baking/mom/peaceful thing. I am trying to learn this patience thing. I have to remind myself I am not really “waiting.” The bread is working/rising and I am empowered to do other things in the meanwhile. Don’t hover! I reorganized a few cabinets during the process, thus reducing my steps and reaching while I am cooking. This gives me more time to hover. STOP THAT, ME! I am a college professor and have had a long break from school. The girls started back to high school last week, but had two ice days. Hazardous mountain roads in our rural district are no fun in the ice. When my classes start again I will be able to fill up that waiting time a little more productively. Or, when asked by my students what I did for the holidays, “Oh, I watched my girls grow and my bread rise.”

I really like this bread! I love how crispy the crust is, and that it won’t dry out. -Barney

Tuesdays With Dorie



48. Gingersnaps


Well. Seems like new glasses are in my future. Misread the salt quantity on these guys, so we tasted, then tasted again. Now, we will look at them for a day or two then kindly put them out of their/our misery.

47. Challah

Fun to make. Reminded me a bit of the Finnish Pullah we made last year. Had with dinner tonight and will have French toast tomorrow evening. Very pretty.


46. Double Chocolate Cookies


45. Pumpernickel Loaves



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