3. Rugelach

Oodles, no! a plethora of rugelach.  We have enjoyed making and eating these yummy cookies. I made most of this recipe since the girls have been involved in school projects. David helped with one of the four versions. The prune lekva was nice and for the filler we used figs and dates, walnut and macadamia nuts. We think this one would be good at Thanksgiving or Christmas. We have one fourth of the dough left. Think we will experiment with apricot jam instead of lekva.

You can see other bakers’ results at http://mybakingheart.com/   and   http://tuesdayswithdorie.wordpress.com/  and http://bakerontherise.wordpress.com/

We made so many rugelach the last batch we just rolled into balls, pressed a thumbprint and filled with jam or chocolate chips.  Good and quickly gone.

7 thoughts on “3. Rugelach

  1. Good to have a helper =)

    There sure was a LOT of it to make. I had to cut the recipe down!

    I totally agree a great cookie for the holidays. I can’t see making it regularly, but for the holidays, YES. And I also agree, next time I will use a jam or butter rather than making my own Lekvar.

    1. Jen, I shopped all around for one to go on my island. I purchased the island online. First place the top was $375. Next was $350. I then found a place that would just cut it and allow us to put it on. It was $180. It is granite and they put a sealer on it, included in the price. We are so happy with it! Also the island has a drawer that slides through and opens on either side. We are tickled with it, too. Tiny kitchen, but it lets us work together.

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