4. Irish Soda Bread

The Irish Soda Bread was very good :). Instead of mixing and kneading all the ingredients  by hand, we did it in our mixer, which also worked very well. We also didn’t chop up the ingredients. We just threw them in the bowl. I don’t think it affected the outcome. Our mixer has worked very well so far. Since the crust of the bread was so hard, we rubbed butter on it to soften it up a little bit. We couldn’t finish the whole loaf in one meal, we put it in a gallon Ziploc bag, and it has stayed pretty moist. Overall, I think it was very rewarding. -Barney

This recipe is a good I-need-bread-in-an-hour recipe. We did not try adding any fruit or cheese, but might do so in the future. – Deborah

The first time we made the Irish Soda Bread, we did chop up the ingredients, but the second time when we did not, the outcome was about the same.-AJ

See Tuesdays with Dorie for links to bakers all over the world who made this bread.

Chocolate Moosey and My Culinary Mission have posted excellent photos and comments on this week’s Irish Soda Bread.


5 thoughts on “4. Irish Soda Bread

    1. We are going to try your sugar and lemon zest the next time we make this. Thanks for your compliment on our bread. We need to make the cross a bit deeper, I think. Yours could be in a magazine!

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