8. Pecan Sticky Buns

Just got home from visiting my 95 year-old father in Alabama. Catching up, but just barely, with the baking schedule. The dough really gave our mixer a workout, but came together nicely. I have some pecans in the freezer my dad gave me last summer, so will use those. Stuarts, I think. Dough is rising now and will then go to fridge for the night. Hope to bake them in the AM for David who is going to a conference and the girls who are valiantly finishing their last full week of school. Wednesday evening. I must be a good … Continue reading 8. Pecan Sticky Buns

7. Hungarian Shortbread

Disclaimer. I am sick with a cold and although my medication is fun it does not enable me to follow simple directions. I separated the eggs then put the whites in instead of the yolks. One advantage to my medication is a devil-may-care attitude, so I threw the yolks in, added more flour and sugar and carried on. I have taken the finished product out of the oven and it smells yummy. No matter what, it will not be the worst thing I have ever cooked. No way. Barney is sick, too (the germ carrier of the bunch) and AJ … Continue reading 7. Hungarian Shortbread