10. French Strawberry Cake

The cake was very good. As far as texture goes, it was kind of foam-like. It tasted very good, though, and wasn’t foamy after we soaked it in the strawberry syrup. Overall, it was a very good recipe. -Barney We made it twice. The first time we stuck to the recipe except we did not have an 8″ cake pan. It felt very elegant making such a time-honored recipe. The second time we did not have enough whipping cream, so we were not able to cover the entire cake. Still had to use the 9″ pan, so we could only … Continue reading 10. French Strawberry Cake

9. Oasis Naan

We really enjoyed making this naan. 🙂 It was simple but still tasted very good. I think it’s our dad’s favorite thing we’ve made so far. Haha he calls it “that spicy bread.” The spices went really well with the bread, I thought. Overall it was a very good recipe. -Barney We put the dough in two bowls to rise, refrigerated them overnight, then had fresh naan two days in a row. Loved how it cooked so quickly. We used our pizza stone and it worked well. – Deborah We decided to cook it longer than the recipe said to … Continue reading 9. Oasis Naan