9. Oasis Naan

We really enjoyed making this naan. 🙂 It was simple but still tasted very good. I think it’s our dad’s favorite thing we’ve made so far. Haha he calls it “that spicy bread.” The spices went really well with the bread, I thought. Overall it was a very good recipe. -Barney

We put the dough in two bowls to rise, refrigerated them overnight, then had fresh naan two days in a row. Loved how it cooked so quickly. We used our pizza stone and it worked well. – Deborah

We decided to cook it longer than the recipe said to cook it. It turned out really crisp and the spices really popped out. The scallions tasted amazing and it really helped the naan!! – AJ


You can find the recipe at Maggie’s blog – Always Add More Butter – or at Phyl’s blog – Of Cabbages & King Cakes




16 thoughts on “9. Oasis Naan

  1. I think dividing the recipe and cooking it two nights in a row is a good idea. I will have to remember that. There is normally two people in our house and 8 naan go to waste! Thanks for sharing and thanks for the idea.

  2. I cooked mine a bit longer–it just didn’t appear done. But I do like my bread more crispy than doughy. Fun recipe==so many possibilities.

  3. This was a fun recipe – and so easy.
    We added some za’atar to our dough – any number of seasonings in and on it would go well.

  4. we certainly enjoyed how fast it baked up as well! 🙂 I’m always appreciative of “quick” bake breads – as we do a lot of bread baking and my one year old enjoys seeing all the delicious things that come out of the oven!! Especially bread!

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