10. French Strawberry Cake

The cake was very good. As far as texture goes, it was kind of foam-like. It tasted very good, though, and wasn’t foamy after we soaked it in the strawberry syrup. Overall, it was a very good recipe. -Barney

We made it twice. The first time we stuck to the recipe except we did not have an 8″ cake pan. It felt very elegant making such a time-honored recipe. The second time we did not have enough whipping cream, so we were not able to cover the entire cake. Still had to use the 9″ pan, so we could only cut it in half. Barney had the bright idea to pierce the cake with a toothpick over and over to get the juice into the cake faster. The second time we used strawberries frozen in a sweetened syrup. We very much liked the whipped cream frosting. I think this was our first time making whipped cream with our new mixer. So nice! I feel good about our adventurous spirit in making little changes to fit what we have. – Deborah

This cake recipe was extremely fun! The first time we made it I wanted to put the whipped cream on the top and around the edges because it looked like so much fun! The second time, after we put the whipped cream on top, we had extra juice from the strawberries and we poured it on each piece after we cut slices! We think that if the cake had a little more time to soak up the juices, it would be a little more moist. But it was a very nice recipe to help out with and make. -AJ

The recipe can be found at fellow TWD bloggers Sophia of Sophia’s Sweets and Allison of Sleep Love Think Dine.



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