21. Best Ever Brownies

These brownies were AMAZING!! They were so fun to prepare and I kept trying to get it the perfect gooeyness because Mom likes gooey but also likes it if it is not gooey, so I wanted to get it in between. The edges were cooked while the center is more for the people that like to eat raw cookie dough!! Our family is kind of mixed in which person wants a lot of gooey, which one wants half and half, and which one wants completely cooked so I think we got this recipe perfect!! -AJ

The brownies were really, really, REALLY good. I personally think they were the perfect gooeyness haha. They were great! 😊-Barney

The girls made this completely by themselves! AND washed dishes! Major yummy!


Monica of A Beautiful Mess will host the Best Ever Brownies recipe.
Read comments about this recipe on the Tuesdays With Dorie/Baking With Julia blog.


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