23. Finnish Pullah

It was beautiful! Made it on Thursday and saved it for a party on Friday. Should have eaten it the first day, but it was pretty good. Vacant-brained me thought I saw cardamom in the spice cabinet, but it was one of the other multi-syllabic C spices, so used cinnamon and nutmeg. Still yummy. Put decorative red sugar sprinkles. – Deborah Erin of The Daily Morsel has the recipe on her site. Continue reading 23. Finnish Pullah

Pumpkin Roll

Mom has a faculty party tomorrow night, and we need to make some things to take, so I decided to make a pumpkin roll. I used the Libby’s recipe that I found online and it looks like it turned out pretty well. We haven’t gotten to try it yet, but I’m hoping it will taste all right since the first people to try it are going to be mom’s colleagues. 😐-Barney Sighs of contentment as folks devoured Barney’s Pumpkin Roll. They did leave her one slice to take home. 🙂 Mom. 😋 Continue reading Pumpkin Roll

22. Gingerbread Baby Cakes

Another first. Fresh ginger and a bucket of molasses. Or it seemed like it. Made one flat-type muffin and the rest went into our new Bundt pan. David and I shared the muffin with fresh whipped cream at 10:30 PM. Kinda nice. The more he ate it the more he liked it. I was worried, because the batter was surprising in its flavors. Not the gentle gingerbread from my shady past of baking from mixes. I think next time we will make the flat muffins or even put it in our little Bundt pans. The big one took forever to … Continue reading 22. Gingerbread Baby Cakes