22. Gingerbread Baby Cakes

Another first. Fresh ginger and a bucket of molasses. Or it seemed like it. Made one flat-type muffin and the rest went into our new Bundt pan. David and I shared the muffin with fresh whipped cream at 10:30 PM. Kinda nice. The more he ate it the more he liked it.
I was worried, because the batter was surprising in its flavors. Not the gentle gingerbread from my shady past of baking from mixes.
I think next time we will make the flat muffins or even put it in our little Bundt pans. The big one took forever to cook. Do not have baby cake pans and our kitchen cabinets are so packed at the moment can’t imagine where we could store them. Hope to work on that little problem over the semester holiday break.
Can’t wait for the girls to taste this herculean gingerbread after school tomorrow.

Karen, from Karen’s Kitchen Stories is this week’s Tuesdays with Dorie host and has the full recipe on her site. Also check out Sanya’s beautiful cakes she made with lizards and Australian heat for company.



8 thoughts on “22. Gingerbread Baby Cakes

  1. I didn’t have mini pans either and used a bundt pan. It did take forever to bake. I found my edges got a little too dark. But then so did the rest of the cake, due to some extra dark cocoa powder.
    Glad you like it. I might try again, but with less fresh ginger and molasses.

  2. I also don’t have mini cake pans but I want them. Like you I don’t know where I’d put them but still I want them. Hope the girls like them!

    1. We were so busy today making treats for a baby shower they have not even tasted the gingerbread yet! Christmas concerts, final exams, and the baby shower all before graduation on the 15th. I am a music professor and this is a busy time, but making happy memories for the girls is very important.

  3. I just read your post and exclaimed out aloud when I read the bit about my cakes! thank you!!! You made my day 🙂
    But back to the cakes… your are very right! the molasses flavour was very strong!

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