23. Finnish Pullah

It was beautiful! Made it on Thursday and saved it for a party on Friday. Should have eaten it the first day, but it was pretty good. Vacant-brained me thought I saw cardamom in the spice cabinet, but it was one of the other multi-syllabic C spices, so used cinnamon and nutmeg. Still yummy. Put decorative red sugar sprinkles. – Deborah


Erin of The Daily Morsel has the recipe on her site.



12 thoughts on “23. Finnish Pullah

  1. I’m sure it tasted great with the cinnamon and nutmeg. This bread is definitely better the day it is baked – but if you pop it in the microwave for a few seconds it becomes nice and soft again.

  2. I almost went the cinnamon and nutmeg route….but was able to find cardamom pods at the bulk food store. Though I would like to try it with cinnamon too, as that would be so good. We have been toasting ours as it is best the day off. But really good toasted. It seems to bring out a buttery flavour in it. Great job!

    1. Could not find cardamom pods today. Bought the seed. $11.49 for a little spice jar. I told the girls they will inherit it someday. I actually have spices in our cabinet from my college days. I put blue dots on my food to keep my roommates and their friends from helping themselves. I know the blue dot spices are less than potent, but I like the memories. I graduated from Auburn University in 1975. Perhaps I should donate them to a museum.

  3. I love the colours of your wreath.
    The dough was so soft and delicious… and it’s nice to know that it’s delicious with cinnamon and nutmeg….probably it must be yummy with any spice…
    I loved it!

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