25. French Apple Tart

We all worked on this one and are proud of our final product. Barney made the crust Saturday morning. We bought the apples today, Sunday, and made the pie/tart for dessert for our evening meal. We used biscotti crumbs for the bread crumbs. ~ Deborah

This pie/tart was fun to make and we got to all work on it! We put four different colors of granulated sugar on the top!! We had Vanilla ice cream on top of it!-AJ

I had a lot of fun helping make this tart. We didn’t have the right size tart pan, so we used our pie pan. It tastes great, and it’s really pretty! – Barney

Tuesdays with Dorie link. You can find the recipe on our host for this week’s blog Laws of the Kitchen.





9 thoughts on “25. French Apple Tart

  1. It looks great in a pie pan. Like the crust edge. I like that you used biscotti crumbs instead of the bread crumbs. Very good idea. I was looking forward to having ours with ice cream, but alas there was none in the freezer. D’oh! But it was a really good tart and I would make it again.

    1. We happened to have a few left from a recent batch. Might have been a more dense than the recipe called for, but seemed OK. This was a bit intimidating, but seemed to work out fine. With three of us peeling, slicing, and assembling it was fun. Thanks for reading our post!

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