26. Focaccia

Our focaccia was yummy, but we did not have the bubbles mentioned in the recipe. Seemed to be there when it went in the fridge, but not many when it came out. Hmm. Any way, we did like it so will try again. Went well with our manicotti and salad.
Sharmini of Wandering Through has the recipe. The mother blog at Tuesdays With Dorie/Baking With Julia lists all the other bakers and their experiences with this recipe.




4 thoughts on “26. Focaccia

  1. I was expecting it to be all puffy too, but it wasn’t. It is yummy, I agree. Just wish it had more to it. Perhaps another recipe with yield better results.

  2. I had 3 goes. For the first one, I forgot to deflate the bubbles and it rose really beautifully, with some irregular air pockets. The others were still soft and flavourful, but flatter. They were delicious though.

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