29. Mocha Chocolate Chips

These cookies were absolutely amazing! I loved how there was so much CHOCOLATE in it! I’m a dark chocolate lover and all of the chocolate in there was dark chocolate thanks to Mom! I prefer cookie dough more than cookies most of the time, and that also goes for this recipe, but the part that I liked most was the melted chocolate! I think it was more chocolate than coffee, and I would have liked to taste more of the coffee, but I loved them the way they were! -AJ David helped with this one. He chopped the chocolate chunks … Continue reading 29. Mocha Chocolate Chips

28. Croissants

Well. This was … not my best effort. Did not have compressed yeast or whole milk. Dough was more like pebbles than dough. I am not a quitter, so I moved on to the next step. An adventure also encompasses the excitement of little dips in the road. Flailed the hard lump of dough/butter/dough with the rolling pin since it was stronger than I. So, jumping to the final chapter. Euuw. I think the process is going to require some reflection and watching the video wouldn’t hurt. Sometimes a friend’s most helpful contribution is to show how smart everyone else … Continue reading 28. Croissants