29. Mocha Chocolate Chips

David chops chocolateThese cookies were absolutely amazing! I loved how there was so much CHOCOLATE in it! I’m a dark chocolate lover and all of the chocolate in there was dark chocolate thanks to Mom! I prefer cookie dough more than cookies most of the time, and that also goes for this recipe, but the part that I liked most was the melted chocolate! I think it was more chocolate than coffee, and I would have liked to taste more of the coffee, but I loved them the way they were! -AJ

David helped with this one. He chopped the chocolate chunks and stirred the thick batter. These are very good. Like some folks said they do flatten out, but they still look good. We used semi-sweet chocolate since AJ really likes it. ~ Deborah

These were amazing! They had my two favorite things in it! I agree that the coffee wasn’t very strong, but I guess we can add more next time if we want to. They were really, really good. ~ Barney

You can find more posts about this cookie at Tuesdays with Dorie.


6 thoughts on “29. Mocha Chocolate Chips

  1. Chocolate is my world: dark, milk, white,…any of them!
    And these cookies had to be a winner, and they were!…I’ve doubled the ingredients (with some changes), split the dough into 4 portions and added different ingredients (such as orange, pecan+walnuts, dried cherries, almonds): deliciously fabulous!

  2. I also loved the amount of chocolate in this recipe, even if mine transmogrified into mocha “bites” rather than cookies….I upped the coffee and the cookies / bites had a really good mocha flavour.

  3. These were good! I too like a lot of chocolate in my cookies and I could eat the whole bowl of dough with no problem. I like to freeze the dough balls and eat them straight from the freezer – so good. I do wish it had a more pronounced coffee flavor though.

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