30. Rustic Potato Loaves

I had a lot of fun making this bread with a little help from Mom and AJ. It kind of scared me at first when it didn’t come together in the mixer, but then it did like the recipe said it would, so that was a relief. 😅 I liked how soft and moist it was, and it was also very pretty. -Barnie

Barnie made this recipe from start to finish! Wow! She also made the pork tenderloin and strawberry entree from this month’s Southern Living magazine. AJ made the strawberry cake from this issue. Even though we did not decorate or hide eggs, I think we had a very nice Easter.

The recipe from Baking with Julia can be found on Dawn’s beautiful blog.




5 thoughts on “30. Rustic Potato Loaves

  1. My dough tried to escape a couple of times as well. My sister-in-law did not do the Easter egg hiding this year either. The boys instead wanted to throw raw eggs against the house! And she let them! And why not? Take a hose and wash it away! No stinky smell of eggs that were not found. This is why I think they are so artistic. She doesn’t hold them back from fun times.

  2. Sounds like you had lovely food for the holiday. I had to stand by the mixer and push the dough down with a spatula, every once in a while.

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