33. Savory Brioche Pockets

How nice! Made the dough yesterday, put it in the fridge overnight. Made filling today, substituting feta for goat cheese, and made them a bit heftier in size. With my lack of skills and proper ingredients they still yummy and pretty. Four rather big ones and four folded-over half circles, just because I like to see “what if.” Carrie of Loaves and Stitches has the recipe. Continue reading 33. Savory Brioche Pockets

32. Fresh Rhubarb Upside-Down Baby Cakes

It was like discovering a new color!   I have never had rhubarb. I am from Alabama and it was not something my wonderful mother ever cooked or even thought about cooking. Probably. Anyway, the girls and I were very brave and cooked this recipe as written with two exceptions.  No bourbon, so we used rum. No little pans, so we used a 10.”  It was easy and yummy! with homemade whipped cream, of course! Tuesdays with Dorie has lots of other folks who baked the same thing this week. Wonder if it was as fun for them? Continue reading 32. Fresh Rhubarb Upside-Down Baby Cakes