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33. Savory Brioche Pockets

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How nice! Made the dough yesterday, put it in the fridge overnight. Made filling today, substituting feta for goat cheese, and made them a bit heftier in size. With my lack of skills and proper ingredients they still yummy and pretty. Four rather big ones and four folded-over half circles, just because I like to see “what if.”

Carrie of Loaves and Stitches has the recipe.

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Deborah, Barney, and AJ. Mom & two teenage daughters who will be baking from "Baking with Julia" by Dorie Greenspan. Joining us in March, we now have daddy David on the baking team.

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  1. Looks good! I can’t wait to make these..

  2. Your brioche pockets look great! Mine sent a death knell on my Kitchen Aid — lots of excitement, at least for a few minutes!

  3. I like the idea of making big pockets. Good idea. It looks great. I loved these and can’t wait to make them again with different fillings.

  4. Looks good! I went the other way and made mini pockets, they were quite tasty!

  5. So pretty! We enjoyed these so much and are looking forward to experimenting with fillings (and sizes).


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