34. Savarin

Well. The batter looked good. Sank in the oven. Pooh. Took advice from the discussion board and put orange zest in the syrup. Our favorite thing. I think my heart was not in this one. The girls are at Disney World on a choir trip, so I was not up for an elegant dessert. David liked it, but he is often kind.
You can find the recipe in Baking with Julia and read about other folks’ results at Tuesdays with Dorie.

20130603-213526.jpg I am publishing a photo so all my TWD/BWJ pals can feel very good about yours!


9 thoughts on “34. Savarin

  1. Aww – sorry it sunk, but I am sure it was tasty anyway.
    Yes, sometimes I am angry with my food when I make it and I think it knows…

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