35. Tomato and Cheese Galette

Barnie and I made the dough. It was sticky and I didn’t think it would be a very good dough. But after we chilled it, it was much easier to work with. I sliced the tomatoes, and they went perfectly on top of the cheese and basil. The galette was perfect because the tomatoes went perfectly with the cheese and crust!-AJ

I really liked making the dough for the galette. It was fun and easy. I didn’t get to help with the filling because I was traumatized by the last episode in a show I watch, but it tasted really good. I don’t usually like cooked tomatoes, so it surprised me. Overall, it was very good. ~ Barnie

David is playing bass in the pit for the summer musical, so, boohoo, we only had to divide the galette in three pieces. The crust was perfect! Homegrown basil and maybe a touch more cheese than the recipe called for, and we were happy. – Deborah



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