49. Country Bread

Wow! What a big hunk of bread! The sponge was easy to make. Left it to work overnight. The next day I had the house to myself, so enjoyed the baking/mom/peaceful thing. I am trying to learn this patience thing. I have to remind myself I am not really “waiting.” The bread is working/rising and I am empowered to do other things in the meanwhile. Don’t hover! I reorganized a few cabinets during the process, thus reducing my steps and reaching while I am cooking. This gives me more time to hover. STOP THAT, ME! I am a college professor and have had a long break from school. The girls started back to high school last week, but had two ice days. Hazardous mountain roads in our rural district are no fun in the ice. When my classes start again I will be able to fill up that waiting time a little more productively. Or, when asked by my students what I did for the holidays, “Oh, I watched my girls grow and my bread rise.”

I really like this bread! I love how crispy the crust is, and that it won’t dry out. -Barney

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7 thoughts on “49. Country Bread

  1. Yes! It is hard not to hover!! It was nice being able to leave it in the fridge overnight (didn’t have to think about it). This was a great recipe. Love the big loaf!

  2. Every time I turn around itr seems I am changing/rearranging kitchen cabinets/drawers. A watched bread never rises….. eh, maybe not. BTW – retired college professor here. what do you teach/)

  3. I love your answer to “what did I do for the holidays?”! This was a good bread, and it’s nice to have one that does not turn rock hard after a day (or a few hours!).

  4. This was a HUGE lovely bread with cruchy crust and tasty crumb.
    I love how you use your waiting time… my drawers need rearranging, too.
    Maybe it’s time I bake a new country loaf 😉

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