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62. Vanilla Pound Cake

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Bronwyn and Alexis are at Senior High BandCamp at Arkansas Tech University for the week. They trusted me to make this cake all alone. It was fun to make and I had all the ingredients on hand. The crust was nice and a bit crunchy and the inside had a moist and gentle crumb. I will encourage the girls to make this for our next get-together. My grandfather made a similar pound cake. The aroma of the kitchen as it baked took me back to rural Alabama and the nurturing love of family. Yum.

Tuesdays with Dorie has many other bakers’ renditions of this cake.

About doverfolks

Deborah, Barney, and AJ. Mom & two teenage daughters who will be baking from "Baking with Julia" by Dorie Greenspan. Joining us in March, we now have daddy David on the baking team.

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  1. It’s amazing how smells can transport you back in time. Glad this one worked for you.

  2. this was such a nice, homey cake. I’m sure the girls will love it when they get a chance to try it.

  3. Don’t you love it when something evokes good memories – makes it all the more special.

  4. I like that your grandfather made something similar :-)


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