4. Irish Soda Bread

The Irish Soda Bread was very good :). Instead of mixing and kneading all the ingredients  by hand, we did it in our mixer, which also worked very well. We also didn’t chop up the ingredients. We just threw them in the bowl. I don’t think it affected the outcome. Our mixer has worked very well so far. Since the crust of the bread was so hard, we rubbed butter on it to soften it up a little bit. We couldn’t finish the whole loaf in one meal, we put it in a gallon Ziploc bag, and it has stayed … Continue reading 4. Irish Soda Bread

Buttermilk Scones

A rainy Sunday afternoon and I wanted to experiment with something new. Our dear friends the Gales are going to England during Spring Break, so I thought scones might be a nice treat for those of us who will stay put. Buttermilk Scones on p. 210 of Baking with Julia.   David said it might be his favorite thing I have ever baked. I think the orange zest made it extra nice. I made one ball into the rolled ones you see here.  Pear Butter on the top four and Apricot Preserves on the ones closest to the camera.  After the … Continue reading Buttermilk Scones

3. Rugelach

Oodles, no! a plethora of rugelach.  We have enjoyed making and eating these yummy cookies. I made most of this recipe since the girls have been involved in school projects. David helped with one of the four versions. The prune lekva was nice and for the filler we used figs and dates, walnut and macadamia nuts. We think this one would be good at Thanksgiving or Christmas. We have one fourth of the dough left. Think we will experiment with apricot jam instead of lekva. You can see other bakers’ results at http://mybakingheart.com/   and   http://tuesdayswithdorie.wordpress.com/  and http://bakerontherise.wordpress.com/ We made so … Continue reading 3. Rugelach