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RonCarter PowerPoint presentation

How cool is the string bass?  How cool would it be to play the string bass?  This PowerPoint will show you a few folks who play it and they look like they are having fun!

How is the string bass tuned? Is it tuned the same as an an electric bass?

Padlet – poll your class

Padlet is an app that allows you to post a question and people can respond in class or at home using a phone, tablet, or computer. I use it to get opinions on ATUGE meeting times, etc.


Music for Baking

When we bake we love to listen to music. All kinds of music.  Here are some pieces that will guarantee great bread and great times.


Caitlin’s blog is great – GO

62. Vanilla Pound Cake

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Bronwyn and Alexis are at Senior High BandCamp at Arkansas Tech University for the week. They trusted me to make this cake all alone. It was fun to make and I had all the ingredients on hand. The crust was nice and a bit crunchy and the inside had a moist and gentle crumb. I will encourage the girls to make this for our next get-together. My grandfather made a similar pound cake. The aroma of the kitchen as it baked took me back to rural Alabama and the nurturing love of family. Yum.

Tuesdays with Dorie has many other bakers’ renditions of this cake.

61. Leaf-Shaped Fougasse

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Well, leaf-shaped or not we liked it.

20140701-202339.jpg 20140701-203049.jpg

The folks at Tuesdays with Dorie probably had some gorgeous results, but the taste of ours was out of this world. Ha!

The recipe is in Baking with Julia by Dorie Greenspan.

60. Phylloccine Ice Cream Sandwiches

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It was a lot of fun to make this dessert :). It was kind of hard to split the dough but besides that it was pretty simple and tasted very good. – Barney


Missed the Boat

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Here are the recipes we had to skip due to school work.

February 11, 2014- Onion Bialys, pages 90-92

February 18, 2014- Chocolate Mascarpone Cheesecake, pages 256-258

March 4, 2014- Buttermilk Scones, pages 210-211

March 18, 2014- Mocha Brownie Cake, pages 282-283

April 1, 2014- Potato Lefse, pages 165-166

April 15, 2014- Cantuccini, pages 313-314

April 29, 2014- Rewind!

May 6, 2014- Scallop and Pesto Purses, page 435

May 20, 2014- Tropical Napoleons, pages 393-394

June 3, 2014- Savory Wheat Crackers, pages 163-164


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