33. Savory Brioche Pockets

How nice! Made the dough yesterday, put it in the fridge overnight. Made filling today, substituting feta for goat cheese, and made them a bit heftier in size. With my lack of skills and proper ingredients they still yummy and pretty. Four rather big ones and four folded-over half circles, just because I like to see “what if.” Carrie of Loaves and Stitches has the recipe. Continue reading 33. Savory Brioche Pockets

15. Popovers

We made these in April and my annotation for the recipe was, “David played with his like a puppet.” David is my husband. The unique look and textures of the popover brought out the Jim Henson in him. Made them again today. Two young chefs learned the importance of actually reading the recipe. All is well and we had mini-popovers with honey for dessert. Recipe available on Paula’s blog or Amy’s blog. As always you can read lots of bakers’ blogs from around the world at Tuesdays with Dorie . Continue reading 15. Popovers

14. Berry Galette

We have actually made two versions of this fun, homey pie-like thingie. The first was pretty much by the book and the second was just for fun. The photos are of the first galette. Blueberries galore. We liked it. The second we fudged a bit and used part of the pie dough left from the Blueberry Nectarine Pie of No. 13. Barney had a school friend stay over and we just threw in nectarines, blueberries, peaches, and fresh cherries and it was glorious! Our guest had quite a treat. -Deborah Lizzy and I had a lot of fun making it … Continue reading 14. Berry Galette

13. Blueberry Nectarine Pie

The pie turned out really well. I enjoyed it a lot. We didn’t have quite enough nectarines due to the fact that AJ and I ate them all, so we used peaches as well haha. It was really good. -Barnie We like the pastry dough quite a bit. Also made a modified galette with the dough and blueberries, cherries, and peaches. Yes, we only had one nectarine make it to baking day, but liked our pie quite a bit. Loved the lemon zest. Pictures to come. – Deborah AJ is in rehearsals all day, so no reflection yet. Recipe is … Continue reading 13. Blueberry Nectarine Pie

12. Semolina Bread

This post should be titled Semolina Bread, Not. Our semolina flour is somewhere, riding the roads in a UPS truck. We made the bread last week with our usual bread flour, just to practice the techniques needed. We took all day with the rising. It deflated when we were trying to delicately make the slashes/incisions. We reduced the salt as suggested. When the brown truck brings our semolina we will give it another go. We live in rural Arkansas and semolina is not something to be found within a few zip codes from here. Continue reading 12. Semolina Bread

11. Hazelnut Biscotti

We enjoyed the challenge this week. We had never made biscotti, but we love them so we’re happy to give it a go. Ours turned out very nicely we think. – Deborah I really liked our biscotti, but that isn’t really a surprise since I love all cookies XD. Instead of doing hazelnut, we did almond. I think it is probably just as good as it would have been with hazelnut, if not better. It was a very good recipe. -Barney Hosts this week – Jodi of Homemade and Wholesome and Katrina of Baking and Boys Link to Tuesdays With … Continue reading 11. Hazelnut Biscotti

10. French Strawberry Cake

The cake was very good. As far as texture goes, it was kind of foam-like. It tasted very good, though, and wasn’t foamy after we soaked it in the strawberry syrup. Overall, it was a very good recipe. -Barney We made it twice. The first time we stuck to the recipe except we did not have an 8″ cake pan. It felt very elegant making such a time-honored recipe. The second time we did not have enough whipping cream, so we were not able to cover the entire cake. Still had to use the 9″ pan, so we could only … Continue reading 10. French Strawberry Cake

9. Oasis Naan

We really enjoyed making this naan. 🙂 It was simple but still tasted very good. I think it’s our dad’s favorite thing we’ve made so far. Haha he calls it “that spicy bread.” The spices went really well with the bread, I thought. Overall it was a very good recipe. -Barney We put the dough in two bowls to rise, refrigerated them overnight, then had fresh naan two days in a row. Loved how it cooked so quickly. We used our pizza stone and it worked well. – Deborah We decided to cook it longer than the recipe said to … Continue reading 9. Oasis Naan

8. Pecan Sticky Buns

Just got home from visiting my 95 year-old father in Alabama. Catching up, but just barely, with the baking schedule. The dough really gave our mixer a workout, but came together nicely. I have some pecans in the freezer my dad gave me last summer, so will use those. Stuarts, I think. Dough is rising now and will then go to fridge for the night. Hope to bake them in the AM for David who is going to a conference and the girls who are valiantly finishing their last full week of school. Wednesday evening. I must be a good … Continue reading 8. Pecan Sticky Buns